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Such a solid week for musical discoveries from the European continent. In our most recent posts, we hopped from the Netherlands (The Mieters), to Italy (Hakan), to Russia (The Diasonics), to Sweden (Hjelle). Next stop: Paris, France!

The Suttles are an Undertonesque power pop band featuring members of Les Terribles, Jon & The Vons and Les Braqueurs. The Suttles made a convincing debut two years ago.  The band returned this week with their second LP. It is called Stories and is out now on Soundflat subsidiary Topsy-Turvy Records.

The Suttles don’t limit themselves to a specific genre on Stories. But safe to say, if you like two minute pop songs packaged in late seventies wrapping, you’ll find a lot to like about the record. Opener I Wanna Get That Girl is the perfect point of departure for a hit-packed trip through all of the high energy music of that era, from mod to powerpop to punk. I’ll highlight the trio of songs in the band’s native language which I love, particularly Seul. And don’t overlook the fun cover of The Roulettes’ Bad Time. Sad Story is another standout. In short, I’m enjoying this plenty! RIYL: Tranzmitors, Suspect Parts, The Briefs, Undertones, Joe Jackson.

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