New album: Lewsberg || In Your Hands

Idiosyncratic Rotterdam four-piece Lewsberg has released In Your Hands, a mini-album with nine songs in less than 23 minutes (actually it’s eight songs, but the closing track All Things has been split in two for some reason). Based on the cover art you could conclude that these tracks are just sketches, but they are certainly full-fledged. However, the new work is less haunted, more low-key and fragile than their first two LPs. What has remained are the poetic lyrics with nonchalant, relatable observations (again many quotable sentences, such as from Getting Closer: “Proposal one: give me what I want // Proposal two: you should have it too // Be prepared, take your share”), and the distinctive talking vocals of singer/guitarist Arie van Vliet. The recognizable, rudimentary sound of his fellow band members – guitarist Michiel Klein, bassist Shalita Dietrich (in  opening track Departure she proves that she can sing beautifully), and drummer Dico Kruijsse – has not really changed either. But these new songs show that they are indeed evolving. Stream the full album below.

In Your Hands is out now digitally and on cassette, and will be available on 12″ vinyl early 2022.

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