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When I saw The Parrots live five years ago – touring their debut album Los Niños Sin Miedo – it was a party to the max: sweat was dripping from the walls and there were literally people hanging in the ceiling lamps. The Spanish slacker rockers – Diego Garcia and Álex De Lucas – have now released their second LP, Dos, which was produced by Tom Furse. While melodic garage rock still is the foundation sonically, you’ll hear them experimenting with more modern soundscapes and electronic grooves, even using samples. “Most of the record was written before the lockdown, but that unexpected pause in all of our lives made us rethink some of it and finish bits off in a different way. We decided to invite a lot of our friends back home to the studio. That made recording feel almost like a celebration,” the musicians explained in a press release. Influences from bands like LCD Soundsystem, Gang of Four, ESG, Devo, Beck, and Los Zombies provide a fresh sound – for example, jazz seeps through in Lo Dejaría Todo and How Not To Be Seen, and You Work All Day And Then You Die and It’s Too Late To Go To Bed are a kind of dance punk or mutant disco. Surprisingly enough that works out well, and these tracks don’t feel out of place, but for the fans of the first hour there are still Black Lips-esque hits like Amigos, and Romance (featuring Los Nastys). These guys prove they still can write strong, catchy songs, and I’m sure they still know how to party too.

Dos is out now digitally, on CD and vinyl LP through Heavenly Recordings.

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