New album: Härvan || Åttadagarsvecka

Vera Andersson (Bass), Emil Karlsson (Drums), and Mats Källblad (Guitar) make up Härvan. On their new album Åttadagarsvecka, the three musicians from Malmö (Sweden) play an interesting branch of punkrock that appears to be heavily influenced by the DC hardcore scene of the ’80s. Early Dag Nasty is the most obvious point of reference for me musically, but also due to the heartfelt melodic screaming of singer Källblad that is not unlike Dave Smalley. Härvan has retained some of the pubrock’n’roll influences that were more central to their previous release Pubpunk, most notably on the Chubby And The Gangesque Ölbiljett. But overall, the new album is way more of the classic melodic hardcore I love.

As an eight track, ten minute record, Åttadagarsvecka offers a burst of adrenaline and instant gratification, but with enough depth and passion to have lasting quality.

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