New album: Nightwatchers || Common Crusades

Who would have thought that one of 2021s most exciting punkrock releases to come out of France? I know I didn’t. It’s not like Nightwatchers’ Common Crusades necessarily sounds all that French or European for that matter, although the subtle postpunk leanings of some of their songs aren’t really North-American either. Common Crusades is the perfect blend of strong songwriting, aggression, and melody that make the record a joy to dive into. Nightwatchers expertly mix it up in terms of dynamics, intensity and pace, and in doing so they retain you interest from start to finish.

Nightwatchers is a band that cares deeply about politics and societal issues, and the main theme on Common Crusades is the post-colonial history of France and the unfair treatment of the country’s Muslim population. I’d like to believe Nightwatchers’ political awareness explains why their songs sound so intense and heartfelt. But even though I recommend listening to the record with the lyric sheet on your lap, you will also fall for this record without that context. Common Crusaders is out now on all digital platforms. LP release on Lövely Records is late november, CD release TBA.

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