New album: Fuzz Gun || Silverstoned

Garage rock comes in all shapes and sizes, and one rehearsal room is not like another. Although Portland, Oregon six-piece Fuzz Gun say they play dirty, fuzzy rock ‘n’ roll, I suspect they’re a lot tidier than many other bands in the genre (note: I wrote this before watching the video below ;-)). The guitar riffs may be heavy, and the lead vocals gritty, but they manage to avoid an overcrowded wall of sound; the instruments give each other space and the handclaps, backup vocals, and clear production provide a nice contrast. Not unimportant, the starting point is good, because Todd Eaton (vocals, guitar, keys, percussion), Robert Trujillo (bass), Mark Wanaka (guitar), Brian Smith (drums, percussion), Lori Van Dreal (vocals), and Ditte Kuijpers ( vocals) know how to write catchy songs. They prove that eight times in a row on their new full-length album Silverstoned. Listen carefully, because the band members challenge you: four tracks were already recorded in the studio before the pandemic broke out, the other 4 tracks were recorded remotely by themselves. Can you distinguish which is which?

Stream the full LP below.

Silverstoned is out now digitally. Add to wantlist: Bandcamp

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