New album: Sweet Pete || Say Hello

Strolling through the new releases on Bandcamp, I was happily swinging along to the music of Sweet Pete, when in his bio the band tag Jacques Le Coque caught my attention. The Connecticut four-piece made some nice records, and their single Tip of my Tongue is an awesome garage rock banger that I still play regularly. Sweet Pete is the latest project from New Jersey based singer / songwriter / guitarist Pete Mazza, the frontman of Jacques Le Coque for the past ten years. Pete is a big fan of early rock & roll, and has long wanted to honor the pioneers with a new outfit of his own. Bolstered by Trevor Lake (you saw his name on this site before: in The Shine, Danny’s Favorites, and Televisionaries) on bass and drums, and Collin J. Rocker (Old Lady) on six string guitar, he recorded 11 original songs that are energetic and will make you happy. Their debut full-length Say Hello may be influenced by the past, but is not dated anywhere. Above all, however, it’s really fun to listen to – sitting still is impossible. We already knew it, of course, but it’s great that there is new evidence: rock & roll is here to stay.

Out now digitally and on cassette. Add to wantlist: Bandcamp

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