New album: Sorrows || Love Too Late… the real album

In 1981, Sorrows established their name with their debut album Teenage Heartbreak, a true power pop classic. The American four-piece, which emerged from The Poppees, was a crowd favorite in the New York rock scene, with their three lead singers, a twin-guitar attack, and hook-propelled tunes. In a misguided bid at commercial success – label interference – the sophomore album Love Too Late wasn’t the record the band members had in mind (in fact, they were even replaced in the studio, so it’s barely an original album at all, with only the songs surviving intact). After four decades and a protracted legal battle, original Sorrows members Arthur Alexander (vocals / guitar), Joey Cola (vocals / guitar) and Ricky Street (vocals / bass), joined by Luis Herrera (drums), finally bring us Love Too Late … the real album – not a reissue, but the record the band intended to make, and with new cover art by Carlos Lovera Jr. and Rex Broome, who used a painting by Luisa Mesa. It’s never too late for good music, after 40 years these songs still manage to get us excited! Hits!

Love Too Late… the real album is out now digitally, on CD and vinyl LP through Big Stir Records.

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PS The story behind the making of the album is the subject of a documentary, featuring interviews with Arthur Alexander and Joey Cola, that will accompany the release.

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