New single: Spells & Hooper || Rock N Roll Swap Meet: Day 1

Snappy Little Numbers is a record label that is so productive, it’s almost impossible to keep up with their releases. And, because the label’s roster is so diverse it’ll depend on your taste pallet how much of these releases are for you. Here is a split single that definitely is for me. Two rockin’ punkrock bands, Hooper and Spells, cooperate for the first installment of a new single series from the label. The idea? Two bands cover eachother’s songs, and they also write a song for the other band to record.

Does it work? In this case: yes! Two songs stand out particularly for me. The first is Hooper’s version of Forget About Virgina, a Spells original that fits the band like a glove. The second highlight is the song Hooper wrote for Spells. Corporate Welfare Queen is a short anthem that wastes no time in winning you over, and reminds me in a good way of Avail. Snappy Little Numbers is off to a strong start of what looks to be a fun single series.

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