New album: The Dirtiest || Sovranista

I’m still catching up with what arguably has been the greatest release week of 2021. While most of my posts this week have been pop-oriented, here is one that is definitely catchy but also most definitely punk. I’m talking about Sovranista by The Dirtiest, who are from Italy. I almost automatically added “of course” to that last sentence given the amount of great poppunk and ramonescore releases that the boot shaped country has been kicking around the globe lately.

30 seconds in on album opener Quando C’era Lui, you’ll probably have already decided whether you’ll like Sovranista. My early favorite on the record is Ti Piscio Sul Presepe, a midtempo greasy rocker that reminds me of Personal and the Pizzas. The rest of the record is faster, with instant ramonescore classics like Serial Killer and Re Del Punkrock. Sovranista is out now on Slovenly Recordings. The best news? The physical release includes 8 additional vinyl only hits. Side A is fully Italian, and the flipside is all English.

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