New EP: RMBLR || MF / EP

If you like the music that Spaghetty Town Records and Wanda Records usually put out, make sure to check the labels’ latest (co-)release: MF/EP by RMBLR. It has six anthemic glamgarage’n’roll hits – including one vinyl only track. The Atlanta band consists of a constantly changing cast of characters including members of Barreracudas, Gentleman Jesse, BBQT and Ravagers around frontman and primary songwriter Chase Tail (DINOS Boys, The Heart Attacks). RMBLR offers the prototype of what makes this kind of music great. It’s tough yet melodic, straightforward but not simplistic. And the louder you play it, the better it sounds. Sorry neighbors.

My favorite song on the records is Move Over, a song about police violence and racial injustice. Boiled up frustration seldom sounded so smooth. Who says this kind of music should only be about partying?

Add to wantlist: Bandcamp || Spaghetty Town (US) || Wanda Records (EU)

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