New single: A.N.J.A. || Monoxide

How special that you can end up in another world in less than 4 minutes. Listen to Monoxide, the adventurous new single from A.N.J.A. (her strongest yet), and you’ll feel like you’ve just escaped a thrilling chase scene on a dusty desert highway. Breathless. That is no coincidence, because the song originates from the singer’s anger about the helplessness of female victims in homicide cases, combined with her desire of empowerment. Anyway, a lot can happen within 4 minutes, as German born / Belfast based artist Anja Romer proves here all on her own. This is guitar-driven indie rock with surf, psych and garage influences, held together by A.N.J.A.’s stimulating guitar riff and seductive vocals (“Your soul tastes exquisite”). Cool and exciting. RIYL La Luz, Colleen Green, Seapony.

Out now digitally. Add to wantlist: Bandcamp

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