New album: Cold Beverage || Hot Wax

Cold Beverage are a rock & roll garage blues duo from Louisville, Kentucky, USA. They drink from the same source as more famous guitar-drum combinations, but they sound more psychedelic than The White Stripes and rock harder than The Black Keys. “Cool, yes, but you’re going to knock these houses over,” with that striking argument the police ended the last house party they played. But it took a lot of perseverance to get there at all.

In 2011, guitarist Zeno Jones and drummer Rodney B. traveled to a cabin in the woods located near an extremely small town called Wax to create a demo album. It didn’t go well: they fought, their equipment failed, and a neighboring house was struck by lighting and burned to the ground. Ten years later they returned to the same place – older, wiser and with better gear – for another try. They still fought, broke countless drumsticks, and wasted takes, but this time they finished their album. It’s called Hot Wax, in honor of the fire that ended their first session all those years ago. I’m very glad they didn’t give up, because the blues guitarist and rock drummer recorded nine awesome songs. The riffs are heavy, the lyrics are captivating, the vocals are raw as they should be, the structures are surprising (their greatest distinctive assets), and the instruments give each other room to shine. Very cool. And yeah, they blow your neighbors houses down.

Out now digitally. Add to wantlist: Bandcamp

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