New album: James Constable || Tui

Who thought that teenagers only like electronic music: think again. Take, for example, James Constable, a 17-year-old singer / songwriter from New Zealand, who keeps the spirit of The Smiths alive. Since 2016 James has been sharing productions on his YouTube channel. Ten of the best songs have now been collected on the (digital) album Tui. James is responsible for the lyrics, vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, and drums, with just a little help from friends. This is appealing jangly indie pop, authentic, fresh and more mature than you’d expect. Listen to the album’s opening and closing track below. “A computer screen is where I first saw your face // I couldn’t see it in any other place // Yet what we had was ours and ours alone // Though you live over half a world away,” James sings on I ‘ll See You Sometime Later. For me, New Zealand is also the other side of the globe, and I discovered the musician through my laptop screen, but I don’t want to keep the discovery that teenagers still make good guitar music to myself and myself alone.

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