New album: Phil Ratcliffe || Cliftopia

This is a slightly different release than what you are used to from us, but I would still like to share it with you, because it intrigues in a strange way. Phil Ratcliffe is a musician from the UK, who played reggae with Extra Love, made hip-hop with Mouse Outfit, and now spends his time mostly on instrumental project Tungusku. In between, he worked on the collaborative bedroom-produced audio documentation Cliftopia (out now digitally, listen below), in which influences from those other bands can clearly be heard, mixed with a good dose of blues rock. It’s somewhat reminiscent of Kid Koala’s 12 Bit Blues, but could also be the soundtrack of a road movie. All kinds of genres (and emotions) intermingle, with guitars, bass and drums, but also with beats, samples, soundscapes, synths and saxophone. Experimental trip hop in a jam session by a guitar band? As said, strangely intriguing.

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