New album: Les Grys-Grys || To Fall Down

The five French garage rockers from Les Grys-Grys spent eight years working on their music before releasing their awesome self-titled debut album in 2019. Two years later, here’s the follow-up LP, To Fall Down, available next month through Norton Records. This new record is a bit heavier and more varied – more mature? – and imho even better than the debut. Stand-out tracks include the enthralling “ballad” Watching My Idols Die, the powerful sing-along So long, the raucous Milk Cow Blues cover (their “signature tune” at live shows), and the energetic closing title song. A successful addition to the discography with garage rock ‘n’ roll as conceived in the 60’s, which we will enjoy for a long time to come.

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UPDATE: Bad news. On July 26, the band announced its end: “Le groupe Grys-Grys n’est plus.” Their music lives on.

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