New album: The Smashing Times || Summer Inside

Summer Inside is a collection of stuck-at-home basement recordings from The Smashing Times. The band members used to live in Seattle, but currently reside in Baltimore – affordable living for musicians and an influx of tech workers do not mix. The band draws their influence from The Pastels, Television Personalities and The Times, and the band’s name is a tip of the hat to the latter two bands (remember this Television Personalities song?). The band sounds completely different than some of the previous bands the members played in, like hardcorepunk acts Shook Ones, Ripped To Shreds, and postpunk art collective The New Love Syndicate. Summer Inside is a perfect album for jangle pop and C86 fanatics. It is absolutely unpolished, and mixes instantly likeable underground pop hit singles (sample three of these below), with some weirder more experimental tracks. To be honest, when we started our blog, I expected to write more often about this type of music, but for some reason, few records have clicked with me in what undeniably already is a niche genre. Summer Inside is a welcome exception, and hopefully a starting point for a solid indie pop summer, one that we can preferably spend outside. Summer Inside is out now on cassette on Painter Man Records, with more Smashing Times (“The lockdown has driven us mad”) in the works:  look for a new single this summer.

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