New album: Swamp Lobsters From Planet Tharg || Swamp Lobsters From Planet Tharg

The Swamp Lobsters From Planet Tharg describe themselves as ‘three blokes transcending the mundane and systematic squarehead-ism, to bring you the rhythmic riddles of the cosmic crustacean.’ The bottom line is that Steve Francis (drums), Bobby Peru (bass), and The Leisure Stalker (guitar) play instrumental 1960’s rhythm and blues / garage rock. Each track starts with a recitation of its cryptic absurdist song title, and then it goes off. The self-titled debut album from the Australian three-piece is out now digitally and on vinyl LP (150 copies) through Swashbuckling Hobo Records. Great soundtrack for an exciting movie that doesn’t exist. ‘The Lobsterbotomy awaits…’

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