New album: Christian Blunda || A Time & A Place OST

And now for something completely different, here’s a fully instrumental soundtrack by the multitalented Christian Blunda. If you are unfamiliar with Blunda, he is best known for his songwriting chops in the excellent party/rock-‘n’-roll/powerpop/punk bands Mean Jeans, Patsy’s Rats and Touchy. I had no idea he also works as a freelance composer for movies and tv shows. Recently, he recorded a soundtrack for the documentary A Time & A Place, which follows several runners in their journey to the (cancelled) 2020 Olympics. The songs on this soundtrack are nothing like Blunda’s other work, nor the kind of music I normally listen to. And yet, the record draws me in. It’s laid back, has great drums (provided by Will Rockwell Scott) and bass interplay, a lot of electronic parts, and the underlying tenseness and catharsis you expect in a sports documentary. Depending on your mood, I can see the record working as a productivity (or concentration) boost, a soundtrack to your training regime, or perhaps even as a meditation or relaxation tool. I was unaware of this side of Blunda, but it’s a welcome surprise. If you’re curious about his other composing work, check out his very professional highlight reel.

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