New album: Autogramm || No Rules

Autogramm is the kind of band that doesn’t care about what is hip or happening. They just create the music they love, in this case: late ’70s and early ’80’s power- and synthpop and new wave. That approach has worked well for the band, releasing several singles  and a debutalbum worthy of your time. The approach is really starting to pay dividends on their second  album No Rules, which releases today. No Rules is an apt title given the band’s belief in the power of autonomy, and songs like Jody Is A Cop, Shut Up!, Bad Day and Anxiety offer immediate rewards. The latter is a jam made for these uncertain times. Despite its depressive nature, it actually sounds like a celebration. Whenever you are feeling anxious, sing along with Jiffy’s contagious A-N-X-I-E-T-Y, and it’s all good.

Further listens uncover other pleasures. No Rules is a synthpunk classic  with dark undertones. Mantra and Future Primate are nods to the Police. I Am A Situation feels like a Cars song. Fuck Fast Fashion also sounds kinda dark,  and is build on a powerful bass riff.  So yeah, No Rules is a welcome addition to 2021. It’s a natural progression from Autogramm’s  previous record What R U Waiting 4.  Let’s hope Autogramm will be doing their own thing for a while longer. No Rules is out through Nevado Records. Oh, and while you are listening, make sure to check out the Gimme 5! feature Autogramm  singer/guitartist Jiffy Marx did for our site.

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