New album: Lake Artifik || Dream Park

Listen, I found another gem! Close your eyes and let yourself be enchanted by the nine songs that make up Dream Park. It’s a coming of age album that 23 year old Swiss musician Carlos E. Cordero made under the acronym Lake Artifik, with a sound driven by acoustic guitar compositions merged with layers of textures and ambiences, with intimate and cryptic lyrics. Slightly sad, but intriguing and not depressing.

To gain more insight into the mystery of Lake Artifik, I asked Carlos how the tracks came about. He explains: ‘After having spent time with my close friends and family, I felt strongly isolated and nostalgic when entering my apartment in Berlin, realizing that I might not be able to return soon because of the traveling restrictions due to the pandemic. Slowly I began to dwell into memories of my youth there and the people that surrounded me then, the anxieties I feel facing the passage to adulthood. Essentially, I felt that there were many things I had on my mind that I needed to excavate in order to move on. I wrote each song with a clear episode in mind, something that I recalled from my past and meant something special to me. There were those flashbacks that I kept dreaming about and left me miserable as soon as I woke up, because they were just fragments from a past time that I couldn’t affect anymore. In a way I guess it helped me put my (short) life into perspective and realize that I had been living many things for the past 23 years.’

Over a period of five months the project was entirely written, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Carlos himself in his apartment, he even designed the accompanying artworks – each song has its own image, all just as beautiful as the songs itself. The ultimate DIY project, very impressive.

“What if I’d know what I know now? // What if I’d done everything right? // What if we’d had a whole other time? // I guess I could leave you behind” (52100)

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