New single: Monsieur Paul & Les Solutions || Plagier Dutronc / Waiting For True Love

If you just look at the posts today, you can see that the music taste of my fellow blogger is quite different from mine. We both check a lot of new sounds and sometimes you hear something that suits the other better. Niek pointed me to this single by Monsieur Paul & Les Solutions this afternoon with the comment ‘You’ll enjoy this one’ and he was right (thanks bro!). French garage rock, I like that indeed.

The English B side Waiting For True Love is nice, but the French A side Plagier Dutronc is extraordinary: the great lyrics tell in an entertaining way that contemporary bands stand on the shoulders of the heroes of the past: ‘Our goal is to follow suit to The Limiñanas // But for psyche rock, on the French side // You have to plagiarize Dutronc, that’s good!” Have you ever heard such original plagiarism?

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