New album: Smirk || LP

Smirk is a solo project of Nick Vicario. He also plays (or played) in hardcore acts Autistic Youth, Crisis Man and the guitar heavy postpunk act Public Eye – make sure to check out their 2020 LP. Sonically, Smirk has the most in common with his work in Public Eye. Still, this is very much a distinct musical project. A little bit more punk and lo-fi oriented, and a tad more groovy and hypnotic. Whereas the album title could not be more generic (‘LP’), the music is basically the exact opposite. I particularly love how Vicario efforlessly brings styles from different eras together. For example listen to Violent Game, which sounds like a Stooges and Stones mashup, and out of nowhere features a bass and drum interlude  that harkens back to a whole different era.

LP is compiled of the two Cassette EPs Vicario released in 2020. With a little help of the ever reliant Feel It Records and Drunken Sailor Records, it’s now available on vinyl. Speaking of Feel It Records, they just announced two early april releases that also look to be winners: Waste Man and Spread Joy. Is that fair? Can they do that? Of course they can! Music is not a competition right?

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