New EP: Sanya N’Kanta || These Are The Days

Every now and then the personal “Discover Weekly” playlist that Spotify automatically generates makes you turn up the music, then you discover something that you haven’t heard before but is worth your attention. Such is the case with Waste My Time, a beautiful song from Sanya N’Kanta‘s new (digital) EP These Are the Days. Accompanied by an acoustic guitar, the Jamaican born artist / producer sings with his great falsetto that ‘the hard lesson to learn in life is that some friends come and go’ and you can’t help but cry along with the person being addressed.

The sound of Sanya N’Kanta is eclectic, combining influences from rock, soul, and R&B, to name a few. I prefer to hear him raw and pure; the tracks in which too many modern production techniques have been applied distract from the essence, but that may be my old-fashioned taste. Nevertheless, this is a great discovery.

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Watch also The Hard Lesson, the opening track of the EP.

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