New single: Childish Tones || Country Girl

Garage rock doesn’t have to sound perfect, raw and energetic fun are more important. In that respect, the idea of using toy instruments for this is not that crazy, as long as it is done with enthusiasm. I am a fan of the Japanese rockin’ toy band Childish Tones (ネモト・ド・ショボーレ and ニシオカ・ディドリー), who have already recorded several catchy songs with singer Beni Usakura (宇佐蔵べに). Watch and listen to the video for awesome track Ask, for example. The new single Country Girl – a Primal Scream cover – offers more energetic fun (fans of the early work of The Limiñanas will probably appreciate this too). You would almost forget that it’s toy guitar music you hear, it is that well done, not childish at all. The song is out now on 7″ vinyl through KiliKiliVilla.

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