Throwback Thursday: The Plimsouls || Zero Hour EP

This week’s Throwback Thursday features a band that were not obscure, but not necessarily big sellers either. It is a band cherished by many, and critically acclaimed by plenty. I am talking about Peter Case’s follow up to legendary powerpop band The Nerves: The Plimsouls. Last year, I finally managed to add their 1981 self-titled debut to my collection, a must own for any fan of powerpop and one the greatest powerpop records of all time. A year before their debut, the band had already teased their greatness on the Zero Hour E.P.  The title track was a minor hit locally – I  love this electric performance of the song on a LA tv station. There are worse Rabbit Holes on the internet than watching eighties powerpop videos, right? The EP also includes one of my all time favorite powerpop songs: How Long Will It Take, listen below.

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