New single: Real Rejects || Summer Of Spite

R.I.P. Thee Artificial Rejects, long live Real Rejects

This one is not about fake rejects, the kind with overblown self-pity and acted negative attitude. This post is about Real Rejects!

Previously known as Thee Artificial Rejects (secretly a TJ Cabot solo project), Real Rejects has evolved into a full-fledged band. Joining Cabot (of Phone Jerks and Nerve Button fame) are Jesse Leblanc (Feral Trash), Claude Doiron (Nerve Button, Bad Luck #13), Sonic Hz, and Cam Murphy (Thee Requiems, Ghostown Belle).

Their Summer Of Spite debut single delivers two of the best garage punk tracks I’ve heard this year. Real Rejects sound bratty, snotty, and fully aware of the alchemy that occurs when you blend catchy songwriting with amped-up energy, aggression, and attitude. The crunchy sound these two songs coax from my speakers is pure sonic bliss.

Gimme, gimme, gimme, I need some more!*

* full-length album expected July 19th via Alien Snatch!

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