New album: Borla || Kordoba Bidea

A fresh voice (w/ members of Tatxers, Blessure, and Comic Sans) emerges from the Spanish indie scene

Emerging from Pamplona, Spain, Borla brings together members of Tatxers, Blessure, and Comic Sans – three bands we’ve previously featured. While Borla doesn’t mirror the sound of its members’ other projects, their debut mini-album is definitely wantlist-worthy.

At the heart of this 7-song, 20-minute offering – mini-album seems an apt description. Borla balances a clean, modern surf pop sound with sharp post-punk aggression, all underpinned by simmering angsty energy. Call it pop punk and you are not wrong, but it defies the typical expectations associated with that label.

With Kordoba Bidea, Borla establish themselves as a fresh voice in the Spanish underground scene, and we’re all ears. LP available now through Flexidiscos.

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