New single: Litige || 2 Degr​é​s b​/​w Je Crie & Ca Reviendra

I have no idea why Lyon’s four-piece Litige wasn’t on my radar until now. They released their demo nine years ago, followed by two LPs. I’m checking those records out as soon as I finish their new three-song 7″, which is available through Echo Canyon. That might take some time, though, because I am pretty blown away at the moment.

Litige has nailed a perfect blend of post-punk guitar riffs, highly caffeinated punk rock drumming, and super melodic vocals. These three tracks will give your stamina a serious boost because you’ll keep wanting to walk to your record player, flip the record, and drop the needle back on. Just when you start mumbling to yourself how great of a song 2 Degrés is, Je Crie comes along and you start messaging your friends about having found a new favorite band again. Trust me, this is killer stuff- highly recommended!

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