New album: Wakas! | Hey Franklin!

Excuse me while I catch my breath – I’ve just taken three consecutive spins of the debut album from Wakas!, and I’m all hyped up and ready to dive in for another round as soon as I finish writing this post.

Hailing from Padang, Indonesia, Wakas! draws inspiration from the speedy American Hardcore of the ’80s. The track Franklin! even throws a nod to the old school Descendents, but the band is talented enough to inject their own flavor into the mix, with some seriously cool guitar work. Just listen to the second half of the standout track Wahana for a taste of their unique spin. This record pushes the limits of your beats-per-minute meter, yet the five members never lose control of their instruments.

Time zips by like a rocket when playing Hey Franklin!, and its sub ten-minute playing time has nothing to do with it. This is fast, loud, and an absolute thrill of a record.

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