New EP: Ziggy 2000 || Needles

Ziggy 2000 is the indie sleaze project from Bristol-based songstress Azzahra Jane Lewin, who surprises and enchants with this five-track Needles EP. The music of the self-proclaimed candy princess and rag doll is dreamier than dream pop – melancholic and subdued but at the same time colorful and extroverted – with tender vocals and sparse acoustic accompaniment that occasionally bursts into noise. It is a fitting, arty soundtrack to the post-modern personal lyrics (one example: “Weird party, Mariah Carey, tattoo, talk about fake parties and staging intelligent ibis outrageous ogre curious crocodile” – from First Day). As intriguing as it is beautiful.

Needles, produced by Henry Watford & Mani Orrason, is out now digitally and on 12″ vinyl trough XYZ123 Recordings.

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