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Among the many releases this week, one that stood out to me is Shop Regulars’ first LP. This self-titled album arrives after seven self-released cassettes, and while it only has six songs, its total playing time justifies an LP release. The album is masterminded by Matt Radosevich (formerly of Honey Bucket), who leads the band and collaborates with a rotating cast of like-minded artists to bring his ideas to life.

There is a lot of repetition on this album, and while that might not be for everyone, there is something special about Shop Regulars. They are noisy and highly experimental, with creativity flowing freely—not unlike one extended jam session, but one that even people who hate jam sessions can appreciate. Case in point: they put an 11-minute song on the record, and I managed to reach the end without triggering my short attention span anxiety.

If you’re looking for something different and unique, Shop Regulars may very well be your next craze.

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