New album: Shannon and The Clams || The Moon Is In The Wrong Place

Describing the latest Shannon and The Clams LP as anything less than bittersweet and emotionally profound would be selling it short, but finding precise words to capture its essence, man it’s hard! The band’s seventh LP, and third recorded at Dan Auerbach’s Easy Eye Sound Studio, kicks off with The Vow – a poignant ballad originally penned by Shannon Shaw as a surprise for her late fiancé, Joe Haener, tragically lost in an accident just before their wedding. Even without this backstory, the weight of grief is palpable. But it permeates not just thoughThe Vow, it resonates throughout the entirety of The Moon Is In The Wrong Place.

The LP is a record of scars and hope, a heartfelt homage that delicately probes open wounds while simultaneously offering solace and affirmation of life’s enduring spirit. Words may fail to fully describe its power and depth, but this album stands as a testament to the band’s unwavering creativity and evolution. It’s a remarkable addition to their tremendous discography, blending the familiar elements that initially drew fans in with a newfound sense of maturity and growth. The Moon Is In The Wrong Place is out now through Easy Eye Sound.

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