New album: Busted Head Racket || Go Go Go!

Cue the debates over how to describe this next record in 1, 2, 3, 4. I am talking about Go Go Go! by Busted Head Racket (Newcastle, Australia), a record that contains ten mostly hyperactive punk blasts that could just as well be described by the adjectives synth, egg, mutant or extraterrestrial.

Go Go Go! would be a perfect soundtrack to an old-school arcade game where speed and gameplay take precedence over graphics. The record is chaotic and messy, but it sparkles, bounces and is just plain fun to spend time with. More than that, it’s easy to imagine this record getting kids of all ages to jump up and down and crash into each other, all with huge smiles on their faces.

LP out now at Erste Theke Tontraeger.

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