New album: The Reds, Pinks & Purples || Unwishing Well

Glenn Donaldson is next level prolific. He is constantly writing and recording music and the latest addition to his quickly expanding The Reds, Pinks & Purples discography – one that is as consistent visually as sonically, is called Unwishing Well.

Donaldson plays almost everything on Unwishing Well, and what comes out is always tasteful, delicate and jangly indie pop. His strength goes beyond technical prowess. The gently flowing, subtly layered music automatically directs attention to the lyrics. Here is where Donaldson truly shines, his delivery complementary of the mood of the songs, the track list, including standouts like What’s Going on With Ordinary People, Learning to Love a Band, and Your Worst Song Is Your Greatest Hit, resembling chapters in a collection of bittersweet short stories.

Donaldson proves to be a masterful storyteller once again, and his latest album is another one where words and music are in a symbiotic relationship. Unwishing Well is out now on CD and LP at Slumberland, Tough Love, and World of Echo.

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