New single: CB Kiddo || Running to You

CB Kiddo (aka Emily Williston of Phone Jerks) is redefining the fresh cut. Her newest two song single was recorded and released over this Easter weekend – just two weeks after that debut single we (and others) we’re raving about. The new material confirm how I am already a complete sucker for CB Kiddo’s budget garage pop punk.

To be fair, they did up the budget for the new single with at least a couple of bucks, but we’re talking small coins still. Running To You may be the best and most accomplished CB Kiddo song yet, prepare to use the repeat button a lot for the foreseeable future. The second track is a treat as well, it’s a cover of the Forgotten Rebels’ Tell Me You Love Me featuring contagious back-up work by TJ Boots. Hey! Hey! Hey!

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