New single: CB Kiddo || CB Kiddo

Perhaps we should wait a little before hyping up CB Kiddo aka Emily Williston? I mean, this self-titled single, which I think is the first CB Kiddo recording to pop up online, is about the definition of a demo. It’s underproduced, no mastering has yet occured, and the raw recordings will have you reconsider your current definition of lo-fi. But these songs? Oh, these songs! This is some truly catchy stuff, garage pop punk where the songwriting talent and sheer fun shines through regardless of the recording quality – courtesy of TJ Cabot who knows a thing or two about rough-around-the-edges garage goodness.

Not even four minutes of playing time, but it’s enough of a sample to get excited. Feeling Fine is two minutes of garage pop’n’roll ear candy, but I think I’m even more blown away by the pop punk hand grenade that is So It Goes.

Hopefully this is the start of a prolific writing and recording period from Emily Williston, because I can’t wait for my next fix!

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