New EP: The Late Shift || Not Yet A Ghost​.​.​.

In the 90s, Al Wilson (vocals), Pete Coleman (lead guitar), Billy Marshall (rhythm guitar) and Pud Perry (drums) already played together in some local bands in South Wales, and apparently the four friends have found each other again – in the common goal of writing and recording an album of joyous, honest and fun to play songs. They’re reportedly putting the finishing touches to that, but we’re getting a first taste of their aptitude: under the moniker of The Late Shift they just released the Not Yet A Ghost… EP. Starting point was an intended fusion of the sound of US post-hardcore bands with the grooves of the ‘Madchester’ scene, as heard in the late 80s and early 90s. The result is solid alternative rock – four fascinating original songs – with a good sense of melody, appealing guitar riffs, ragged-edged vocals and lyrics between hope and fear (“If the tears are the jewels tonight, what the hell is there left to write?” – from Copy). It’s clear that we’re not dealing with youngsters here, yet this music is as thoughtful as it is refreshing.

Not Yet A Ghost​.​.​. is out now digitally. Add to wantlist: Bandcamp

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