New album: Circles || still.

The new LP by Nantes (France) five-piece Circles (established 2017) is something to get excited about. Like the album art for diverges from typical hardcore punk aesthetics, so does the music included on still..

To be fair, it’s impossible not to namedrop the legendary DC label Dischord Records and the mid-’80s Revolution Summer while writing about still. Parts of the record directly bring Dag Nasty, Embrace and Rites Of Spring to mind, but let’s not dwell on these comparisions. Circles have a mind, talent and sound of their own, finding inventive ways to update an all too familiar sound, unhindered by genre expectations or scene social pressure.

For a thirty-minute record, still. has a lot too offer. LP out now at Shield Recordings and Extinction Burst.

Circles recorded the album at Studio des Moulins with Piermo Broggi. Brian McTernan (of course!) did the mixing and mastering still. at Salad Days Studio.

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