New album: Ducks Ltd. || Harm’s Way

Very nice to witness the development of Toronto-based jangle pop duo Ducks Ltd., who have just released their sophomore full-length Harm’s Way. On 2019’s Get Bleak EP they immediately hit the mark with four fine guitar tunes (later expanded to seven songs on vinyl), on 2021’s Modern Fiction LP they played more confident in ten tracks, and in between they sharpened their sound in successful covers of heroes like The Jesus And Mary Chain, The Cure and The Feelies in The Sincerest Form Of Flattery series. The new album is the superlative of the discography to date. Evan Lewis (guitars, drum programming, bass) and Tom McGreevy (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, keys, bass) know how to convey dark subjects with a breath of fresh air. Thanks to their acquired experience and collaboration* with other musicians, the nine new original songs are richer and even more tight than ever, without losing the charm that we fell for at the time. Will they ever surpass this melodic songcraft?

“They’re songs about struggling. About watching people I care for suffer, and trying to figure out how to be there for them. And about the strain of living in the world when it feels like it’s ready to collapse.” – Tom McGreevy

Harm’s Way, produced by Dave Vettraino, is out now digitally, on CD and vinyl LP through Carpark Records / Royal Mountain Records. *Also featuring Macie Stewart (violin), Marcus Nuccio (drums), Jonathan Pappo (drums), Briar Darling (cello), Julia Steiner (vocals), Margaret McCarthy (vocals), Nathan O’Dell (vocals), Jason Balla (vocals), Linsey-Paige Mccloy (vocals), Rui De Magalhaes (vocals), Julia Wittman (bass) and Dave Vettraino (organ) on selected tracks.

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