New album: Al Menne || Freak Accident

You may know Al Menne as the lead singer of the quite popular Seattle-based rock band Great Grandpa, but Freak Accident marks their first official foray as a solo artist. The nine subdued indie pop songs here don’t have to shout to be moving. From the first notes and lines this album hits the spot: “Take it from me, I’m no mystery // I’m not hiding anything, I’m just pausing to think // If you could feel the heat between my words // Well I’ll ask you ’bout it later ’cause I know it’ll hurt.” Dark in theme and light in sound, with wonderful vocals at the forefront. A beautiful intimate debut.

Freak Accident, produced by Christian Lee Hutson and mastered by Greg Obis, is out now digitally and on vinyl LP through Double Double Whammy.

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