New album: The High Times || Feelings

The High Times are a band of four from Zurich. They have been around for five years or so and their second LP came out this week on Gunner Records (EU) and Say 10 Records. The ten songs on the Feelings LP were recorded in 2021 in Oakland with Reto Peter. The band had a blast there, and even ran into a masked up Billie Joe Armstrong. The fun and location of the recordings are noticeable elements on Feelings, a record that comes with complementary sunny California vibes.

A couple of things make this record stand out of a packed indie pop punk field. First of all, frontwoman Dom has an amazing voice. She has a poppy sound that she delivers with attitude and confidence, and mixes up with well timed gritty sand paper moments. The backing vocals by the rest of the band often are of the gang vocal call-and-response variety. It’s another aspect I love about Feelings, a sunny Bay Area indiepunk LP out of Zurich that will spice up your Indian Summer.

Add to wantlist: Gunner Records

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