New album: Dennis Cometti || Suburban Condition

In a recent write-up, I stated that Aussie punk bands are after global domination. It was a casual statement after yet another great release from Down Under, not really being serious of course. But ever since, I am picking up signals everywhere that it may be true after all. You see, these Australian bands are touring Europe frequently. I’ve seen Civic, Split System, Satanic Togas and Gee Tees in just the past couple of weeks and they were all amazing, winning audiences over easily. Meanwhile the pile of prime punk quality records out of Australia keeps getting higher and higher. The latest addition? Dennis Cometti’s Suburban Condition.

Dennis Cometti are a trio from Perth with an Aussie football band logo, thick Aussie accents and, depending on your scene and day job, hairdo’s that can be decribed as either typical or atypical. More importantly, they play razor sharp punk anthems with the refreshing feeling of unexpectedly receiving a ball to the face. If you are looking for subtle, look elsewhere. Dennis Cometti attack their songs with brute force, and it’s a blast. So here we are, Australian punk bands are having their way with us and it feels…pretty great actually. Is this how authoritarian rule develops?

Dennis Cometti’s previous record made it to #11 in my 2020 ATOY list. Surely, Suburban Condition will have a spot in my 2023 list as well. LP out now at Bargain Bin Records.

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