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First thoughts after listening to Hellebores’ (Sydney) new LP Uncles: Those Aussie punks are looking for global anarchic domination aren’t they? That well of punk inspiration Down Under, it must dry up eventually right?  And yet, I have a hard time considering these Aussie punk bands as villains , they all sound sooooo gooooood! In case of Uncles, Hellebores’ second LP, we get another must hear poppy punk rock record out of Australia.

Hellebores feature members of Lawnsmell, Amateur Drunks, Chinese Burns Unit, and C.O.F.F.I.N.. Despite (or thanks to) the veteran presence in the band, Uncles contains a youthful energy on the 15 songs that is contagious. Cool guitar licks and riffs are the rule rather than the exception. The record is peppered with melody and classic pop punk harmonies, confidently delivered by Gina Monaco who sounds like a blend of Jenny Angelillo (Neighborhood Brats) and Brett Anderson (Donnas). Sonically, Uncles would have been a perfect fit on Lookout!, Mutant Pop or Go Kart Records. Honestly, I truly believe that if this record was released in the mid ’90s it would have been considered a classic of the time. More recently, if you like dirt pop labels like Bloated Kat and Worst Idea, this is a record to go crazy for. KILLER STUFF!

Uncles is out now on LP at Bluish Greenish Records and Evil Tone Records.

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4 thoughts on “New post: Hellebores || Uncles”

  1. thanks so much for the review – if we had known what we were doing, lawnsmell would have been this band but it took a little more practice and life experience to turn us into hellebores. the last record went under the radar but this one was noticed by you – thank you so much.

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