New single: Hammered Satin || Rock ‘N’ Roller / Rock ‘N’ Roll Angel

Cue guitar intro. “Rock ‘N’ Roller, Rock ‘N’ Roller! Rock ‘N’ Roller, Rock ‘N’ Roller!” It’s clear from the get go that Hammered Satin (L.A.) are here to bring back the golden days of bubbleglamrock’n’roll with their new two-song single. I mean, the song titles are 90% Rock ‘N’ Roll, the remaining 10% consists of “er” and “angel.” There are papapapapa’s, sweet guitar licks, and gang vocals that are more harmonious than dangerous. For a band inspired by junkshopglam (i.e., “hitless wonder wanna-be Bowie’s, Bolans, Quatro’s, Sweets, Muds etc”), the hit potential of both songs is pretty high.

Double AA single out now on 7″ through Curation Records, a record label that is on a succesful path to make out-of-fashion music cool again.

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