New album: Steady Hands || Cheap Fiction

Modern Baseball drummer Sean Huber started releasing music with his other band Steady Hands a decade ago. The band’s latest LP Cheap Fiction came out last week through Lame-O Records; a good fit for the band that plays melodic indiepunk songs with an emotional edge. There’s a touch of heartland rock to the sound on Cheap Fiction as well. Let’s say that, although Steady Hands is very much a Philly band, it’s no coincidence the press release mentions Huber’s place of birth (New Jersey) and the name of his dog (Bruce).

Cheap Fiction is an accessible record that doesn’t shy away from arena ready guitar chord progressions and anthemic choruses. But Cheap Fiction is an ambitious record as well. For example, listen to the standout Fairmount Park where the saxophone parts takes the song from good to great. And what about the pleasant piano licks that drive I Miss The Bar? For a sound that has a lot of familar elements, Steady Hands definitely keeps things interesting.

Cheap Fiction is out now on LP through Lame-O Records.

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