New album: The Growers || The Growers

The Growers is a (mostly) bedroom recording project by Steven Boyle out of Pleasant Hill (California). Five years in the making, Boyle has been slowly writing and reworking the eleven songs that make up his self-titled debut album. “I’ve been releasing a couple songs at a time since 2019, but always had the intention of combining them into a full-length. I think of it like the Megazord from Power Rangers,” Boyle explained to me in an e-mail. Boyle cites personal reasons as the primary driver behind his songwriting, “but if other people like it, that’s cool too!”

I for one think this record deserves an audience. The Growers is a scrappy indie/punk rock record with an emotional edge. Boyle’s voice and sound reminds me somewhat of The Cardinal Sin, a band fronted by Cadillac Blindside drummer Becky Hanten. It’s an honest and unpolished sound I have a soft spot for.

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