New album: The McCharmlys || The McCharmlys

Please meet The McCharmlys, a Californian five-piece that plays vintage rock ‘n’ roll for the broken hearted. They just released their debut album, featuring eleven great tunes in the tradition of all the good things of the 50s and 60s, surf, beat and doo-wop at the forefront. Basically sweet and smooth, but with a peppery and raw edge in guitars, vocals and sound. This is a record I can’t get enough of, and the same will probably be true for other fans of bands like Shannon & The Clams, The Courettes, The Growlers and The Pipettes.

The McCharmlys’ self-titled debut LP is out via Varitone, streaming only for now, but hopefully there will also be a vinyl release some time soon.

Update: Thanks to Nu-Tone, the album is now also available through Bandcamp, and will be released on vinyl on September 15.

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