New album: Truth Cult || Walk the Wheel

I was late to the party with Truth Cult’s amazing 2020 debut Off Fire, and I won’t make that mistake again. This week, the band dropped their follow up LP and despite a busy release week, I keep returning to it. The LP is called Walk The Wheel, and like their debut, it sees the Baltimore band take hardcore in modern and exciting directions. The Dag Nasty and Embrace influences are still present though, and As Friends Rust is another band that comes to mind. I like to think of Truth Cult as (grand)children of the Revolution Summer. This is American hardcore that is strongly melodic, highly original with a strong pulse and a clear soul.

Walk The Wheel is an ambitious record and the twists and turns that Truth Cult inject in their songs is impressive. They even pull off what is close to an alt pop anthem with Naked In The End – see video below. It’s extremely satisfying to see a hardcore band like Truth Cult stand on its toes, reach for the sky and pull it off!

Walk The Wheel is out now through Pop Wig Records. For more on the record, read the band’s track-by-track commentary at Brooklyn Vegan.

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