New album: Dignan Porch || Electric Threads

Ever since I discovered Dignan Porch’s Observatory LP (2014), I’ve had a soft spot for the eclectically melodic noise pop of the UK act. Essentially the brainchild of Joe Walsh (Manchester by-the-way of South London), Dignan Porch has built quite the discography in impressive DIY fashion. That spirit also applies to the new record Electric Threads, which Walsh mostly wrote, played and recorded himself. Walsh also made video’s for each of the songs on the record, which you can find here. Of course, DIY spirit is one thing, but can become particularly interesting and impressive depending on the quality of the output. Rest assured, from the opening strum of Pictures to the fading hiss of Ancestral Trail, Electric Threads is an interesting hunk of underground pop. I am choosing that broad description purposefully, because Dignan Porch has never been easy to bog down to one specific genre. Electric Threads has gorgeous heartbreakers, jangle, psych and noise poppers, and indie swooners as well. Meanwhile, the dreamy melodies have a timeless quality, kind of like a slow wave that lifts you up only to drop you off at the end with renewed energy and a fresh perspective.

Listening to Electric Threads brought me back to the excitement of discovering this band the first time round, it’s that good, it’s that inspired. Buy the LP through Safe Suburban Home (UK), Hidden Bay Records (EU) & Repeating Cloud (US).

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